Backpacking Greece & Italy


So back in September Sergio and I boarded a train to Chicago, in which we then boarded a flight to Istanbul, Turkey, which then we boarded another fight to Athens, Greece. *deep exhale*

We backpacked throughout Athens, Greece for a few days, touring all of the local landmarks, learning a little Greek, eating 3 too many Gyros, & enjoying the PERFECT weather. Then headed to Patras, Greece to explore for a day before boarding a ferry (15 HOUR ferry ride, people) to Brindisi, Italy. Once in Italy, we boarded a train and headed straight west toward Naples (home of the pizzeria featured in my favorite book, Eat Pray Love). Its old architecture & Italian culture was mezmerizing to say the least. After Naples, we boarded a train to Rome, where we explored, drank wine, and ate as much pasta as we could possibly fit in our bellies. We hit up some amazing local bars in the evenings and walks miles.. and i mean MILES (around 15 a day).. to see all of the top sights that used to only be items on my bucket list. Consider that shit checked OFF. :) I was most excited to Venice.. knowing that it's also called "the floating city" (or sinking)... I couldn't wait to actually BE THERE, you know, like.. IN THE CITY, EATING THEIR FOOD, and study how these old school Italians live. The walk ways were so narrow, the only things deviding each walkway was a canal of boats. ZERO cars, ZERO parking lots, ZERO mo peds.. everything by foot or boat. It's so clean, and old, and slow...

Slow is a term Americans replaced with inconvenient.
I learned to fall in love with slow.

You eat slow. You live slow. You live simple

After our time at Venice had come to an end, we headed to the airport to board a flight back to Athens (where we started the adventure) for one more day of exploration.. and tons of Greek Salads... before heading back to the U.S.

When arriving home it was straight back to the grind between my bartending job along with being booked out with my freelance photograpahy business. These photos were thrown on the backburner, as was reflecting on the adventure itself. 
I check Google Flights EVERY DAY constantly searching for the next adventure. - (which will be sooner than later...) 

Check out some photos I snapped of our adventure below. I really wished I would have taken the time to photograph more photos while we were over in Europe, but when you're walking and researching and constantly in a new place and language every day, you neglect the fact that you came to also document the adventure in an artistic way. Lesson learned: will MOST DEFINITELY pay more attention to the creative documentation of my adventure on my next outing.

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Samantha Jacob