Colorado & Dead Rocks

What's up, peeps?! Sam here! Last week a pretty large group of friends, myself, & Serg headed west to Colorado to attend "Dead Rocks" which is a show put on by Zed's Dead, Rezz, & Ghastly at Red Rocks on the 3rd of July. We had headed up a few days before the show to stay with friends and hike some trails, one being St. Mary's Glacier. It was absolutely gorgeous, and the dry heat was amazing compared to Kansas City's muggy climate.. good hair day, err-day. 

After the show, we stayed and got boozed up for the fourth with friends in Denver. We headed over to Colorado Springs on the 5th to visit Garden of the God's before road tripping back east toward reality. Below are some shots from the trip. Unfortunately they had a strict "no professional cameras" policy at the event so I wasn't able to capture any moments from the show, but mental memories are all I need. :)

Finishing up a Middlelands festival recap video, as well as preparing for Hard Summer in 3 weeks!! 

Working on an online store for my prints to be available for purchase at anytime.

Exciting, exciting times, now & ahead. 


Samantha Jacob