California, knows how to par-tay.
California, knows how to par-tay.
In the city of L.A.
In the city of good ol' Watts.
In the city, the city of Compton.
We keep it rocking!

Hey, guys! Sam here! Back in Kansas City and back to the grind since we flew back in from San Fran last week. If you know me at all, you would know I'm infatuated with the beach and obsessed with the idea of moving to the west coast at some point in my life, so visiting California was nothing short of amazing. Sergio and I flew into LAX 3 days prior to attending the Hard Summer Music Festival in San Bernadino on Saturday and Sunday. We caught a flight with a friend, Chris Loggins, who happened to be having a layover in LAX (while on his way to Canada) during the first day of Sergio and mines arrival in Los Angelas. Upon arrival, we picked up the dopest rental car we could find, which happened to be the hamster-mobile LIME GREEN KIA SOUL (you will see in photos below). Our little green toaster on wheels got us every where we wanted to go on day one, including Venice Beach, Santa Monica, Hollywood, anywhere and everywhere. We cruised around, ate, and explored until deciding to head south of L.A. to Redondo Beach stay with our friend Courtney! Still cannot thank her enough for the hospitality she provided the first 3 nights of our stay in LA. 

As the weekend was nearing, Sergio and I got all of the LA exploring out of our systems before heading back to LAX to pick Curly from the airport, our friend from KC that was joined us to go to the Hard Summer Music Festival. Once we acquired another friend for the adventure we headed out to Malibu to explore the hills before heading out to San Bernadino to get settled into our hotel and ready for the next two days of music festival-ling ahead. Unfortunately, professional grade cameras were not allowed into the venue so I was only able to capture some photos on my phone of the actual music festival. A recap video will be uploaded upon completion later this week. But the experience was none-the-less unforgettable. The line-up was absolutely amazing, and the location was breathtaking. Located up in the mountains outside of San Bernadino, where the sun gave your skin a glow during the day and you could dance comfortably with the cool breeze at night. Perfect weather the entire week we were in California. 

Once the festival was over we took Curly back to the airport & headed back toward Los Angelas to visit a friend in West Hollywood for a couple days before our flight out. The last night in California we headed out to the Peppermint Club where we received a private show from a few celebrities that stop in a hang out during the week days. It was, again, unforgettable.

Morning of August 8th arrives and we head back to LAX to fly back home to KC (with a short layover in San Francisco). Since we have been back, readjusting to reality took a few days, but none the less I am back to the grind with work and photography. So many photoshoots in the near future, as well as, adventure and one more music festival before the season is over. 


Keep your eyes peeled for the recap video to be uploaded soon.. until then, check out photos from our adventure below!




Samantha Jacob