well hello there

I'm Sam, a freelance photographer & yoga instructor based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

I recently moved here from Kansas City to chase my dreams and seek new adventures. 
I focus on intimate moments, candid raw emotion, & natural light to capture my photographs.

I professionally photograph a variety of events, from weddings, engagements, maternity, and family photographs -- to my personal favorite niche of photography: nightlife, festival, and performance photography. Being able to travel, listen to music, and do what I love most all at the same time has always been a dream of mine.

I always have had a fascination for snapping photos, even as a young child I had an admiration for light and color, the varieties in shades and ways it contrasted differently against objects, & the fact that it can set and/or change the mood and ambience of any setting. 

It began when my parents got me a DSLR for my 10th birthday; I would take photos throughtout the year & gift them to my family as gifts for the holidays as a way to show off my photographic creativity. Thinking that photography would always only be a hobby and not a career, I went on to study Psychology & Spanish at Emporia State Univeristy graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and minor in Language Arts: Spanish. While there I was the photographer for the Media & Marketing department of the University, snapping photos of sports events, banquets, and did tons of studio work. Post college, I immediately moved to downtown Kansas City & settled in. With only seeing happiness & satisfaction in putting all of my energy into my passion (photography), I quickly decided to take my photography to the next level in making it a profitable business for myself. Being creative in my career, as well as being able to be my own boss is nothing short of exhausting, exhilirating, & amazing. I am beyong grateful & humbled. 

Outside of my photography career I enjoy traveling, dancing, teaching and practicing yoga, attending as many music festivals as possible, hiking, spending time with my pup Tootsie, road-tripping back home to visit my friends & family in Kansas and Missouri -- & oh so much more. You can stay up to date with my latest adventures by following one of my many social media accounts.